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Published in May, 2010, by Joint Publishing (H.K.) Co., Ltd , Huang Shan Publishing House

Available in Traditional and Simplified Chinese and English versions


Fascinated by the grandeur of the Great Wall and the Forbidden City, create a pop-up book featuring these magnificent Chinese heritages has always been my dream. The newly published ˇ§China Pop-Upˇ¨ includes the pop-up models of these one of the kind: Great Wall which signifies the creation of China a united state; Terracotta Army of the Qin Dynasty which is renowned as the Eighth Wonder of the World; the Forbidden City as the highest form of Imperial rule; Duanhuang Caves which represents the confluence of religion, culture and art; Hunatin-yi, the Chinese ˇ§armillary sphereˇ¨, widely regarded as one of the greatest scientific inventions and ˇ§Bird Nestˇ¨ which is the symbol of New China. In this book, I also made a breakthrough in my paper engineering technique by overcoming a challenge to create the pop-up of Great Wall which is 1.5m in length!